12 week transformation 2.0: The Holiday Body Challenge

12 week transformation 2.0: The Holiday Body Challenge


12 week transformation 2.0: The Holiday Body Challenge

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Starting the Challeneg

First meeting will be 5th August 2018. 

On or before this we will take your weight and bodyfat % readings - don't worry this is not invasive and you can do it your self, out of sight if you want.  This will allow us to estimate your nutrition requirements more accurately.  Your readings may also be used to judge the winner in some of the prizes (most fat loss, most lean mass gained etc. tbc)

TBC: You will need a monthly membership at Nick my gym (starts at £35 monthly) or you will have to pay a £150 challenge membership fee if you're entering the challenge without a monthly membership.  You will also need commitment and your £150 challenge entry free to be eligible to join.  £50 of the entry fee goes in the prize fund and £100 acts as an accountability "deposit" that you will get back IF or when you complete the challenge within the rules.

Weekly check-in

You will have the opportunity to meet as a group every Sunday morning (probably 10am, maybe 9am) depending on numbers, I may add more days/times for meetings.

At these meetings I will address the group and any issues that you have e.g. no weight loss, struggling to reach your calorie requirements, exercise issues etc.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting or after the meeting if you're less confident - either is fine.

In the last challenge, the people who did best, turned up to most of the meetings - I can't help you as much if you're not there.

You will need to attend 7 out of the 12 weekly meetings to stay in the challenge and avoid forfeiting your £100 deposit. 

Training Requirement

4 days weight training

For fat loss: 20 mins cardio daily

I will advise changes to your training requirement as the weeks go by to keep you on point to get best results. 

Diet Requirement 

Hitting your targets for calories and macros (protein, carbs and fats) daily as established by the online calculator (link to follow).  90% from whole foods.

You have a 10% allowance for anything deemed as a treat - typically cakes, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, alcohol, etc etc.