4 Week Festive Trainer

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Starting the Challeneg

First session is either Monday 19th or Tuesday 20th, depending on your group.

You should all know by now which group you are in.

Group 1: 6am Tues, Wed, Fri

Group 2: 1pm Mon, Wed, Fri

Group 3: 6pm Mon, Thurs, Fri

Group 4: 6am Mon, Thurs and 10am Sunday

Please read through these pages and go to the Nutrition Calculator page and get your initial nutrition goals.

Weekly check-in

You will have the opportunity to ask your coach any questions at the beginning of each session.

Please weigh yourself at the beginning of every week and the end of every week to report to your coaches and the group.

Training Requirement

3 days weight training

For fat loss: 20 mins cardio daily is recommended.

We will advise changes to your training requirement as the weeks go by to keep you on point to get best results. 

Diet Requirement 

Hitting your targets for calories and macros (protein, carbs and fats) daily as established by the online calculator .  80% from whole foods.

You have a 20% allowance for anything deemed as a treat - typically cakes, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, alcohol, etc etc. 

Get used to tracking your food as you go through the day, as accurately and consistently as possible.