House Rules

1.      Respect the equipment including

a.      Machines and Weights

b.     Turf

c.      The Rig

d.     Accessories

2.      The excessive dropping of the dumbbells and weights upstairs.
The floor, although reinforced with 18mm ply, will become damaged through continuous dropping of heavy dumbbells.

a.      Have another member spot you

b.     Learn to lower heavy dumbbells safely to your knees (ask Nick)

c.      Do your best to limit dropping – it is far louder beneath the floor than above.

3.      Do not make a mess

a.       if you do, clean it up.

b.     Staff will be happy to help if you tell them – accidents happen.

4.      Respect the staff and other members

a.      Disrespectful or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and your membership will be cancelled.

5.      If you pick it up, you put it back. Including but not limited to

a.      Dumbbells

b.     Barbells

c.      Weight plates

d.     accessories

6.      If you break it, you bought it.

a.      If you break equipment and it is deemed to be through misuse or disrespect of equipment you will be asked to pay for it.

b.     If you are not willing to pay for it, we will cancel your membership.

7.      If you spill anything or make a mess, refer to point 2.

8.      Clean and appropriate clothing

a.      You have to be appropriately dressed to use the gym

b.     You have to wear appropriate and clean footwear

c.      Leaving a mess due to dirty clothing and footwear may lead to your membership being cancelled.