At Nick's Gym we are privileged to be at the centre of a welcoming and supportive fitness community.

We have staff and in-house specialists with impressive levels of experience and infectious enthusiasm for health and wellbeing. Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just looking to join your first fitness centre, our flexible team can cater to your exact requirements. 



On ramp

A program created for beginners

The On Ramp program is your perfect Induction to the Nick’s Gym community and is flexible enough to cater for gym goers of all backgrounds and abilities. In addition to our encouraging starter routines for first time members, we have proactive support from our in-house specialists for members going through challenging post injury rehab. 


  • How to use the equipment

  • Promoting best practice and form

  • Develop confidence

  • Ensure you are comfortable in a gym environment

  • Dispel the myths

  • A safety first approach

  • Nutrition basics