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Next 12 Week Transformation Starts May 13th 2019!


Join us and Transform...

This is where you join the transformation and become the person you want to be, the person you want to look like, the person you want to feel like!  Be confident, happy in your own skin, feel great and look good!

We set you the goals, we coach you as a small group and give you the tools to achieve... you just have to join, turn up and follow your coache’s instructions. 

The Coaching

Each session is taken as a small group (we aim for 8 max) by a coach.

We pair you up with someone around your level or someone who is better than you to bring you along and help you. This ideally gives a 1:4 ratio for Coach:Transformer.

Your coach will tell you what to do, when and how.

You will also be assigned a dedicated coach as a point of contact throughout the transformation - this will be for progress tracking and accountability.

Training Requirement

The minimum training requirement is 3 coached sessions/days per week.

The Full training program is 5 days a week - we’ve actually found that most people, even when they first planned for only 3 days, will actually train 5 days a week.

Times to Train

Sessions run for around 1 hour and you have a choice of 6 times every day of the week, Monday to Friday.

You can swap and change to suit your own schedule which means everyone should be able to find time to train.

Times available are 6am, 9.30am, 12pm, 2pm, 6pm and 8pm (may be 8.30)]

The Apps

Transformers have two apps to use.

One for nutrition/diet and one for Training and accountability.

The nutrition tracking app we use is MyFitnessPal - you can get this on your smartphone. In fact, get it now and start practicing. we will teach you how to use it as we go along.

The second app we use for Tracking training is one we will issue to you via email on sign-up or before the transformation starts.

The training app allows your coach to see what you’re training and what you’re eating via MyFitnessPal - if you’re not hitting targets for your Macros (Protein, Carbs and Fats) and Calories then your coach will give you advice on what to do.

Sunday Meetings

Every Sunday you’ll have the opportunity to join a group meeting with a coach at the gym. These are really helpful as it allows you to see how everyone else is doing, bounce ideas off each other, steal ideas and strategies that are working for fellow transformers.
It’s also an opportunity to talk to the coaches in person and as a group.

The Ts & Cs

We do have some terms and condition that you will need to follow to stay in the transformation and to get best results.

If your coach deems you to be falling short of these Ts & Cs you may be kicked off the transformation without refund - use this as motivation and accountability - it will help you stay on track.

  • Sunday Meetings - You have to attend two out of 4 meeting every month (4 weeks). Ideally this would be every meeting or every other but it could mean attending two then miss two. Whatever works best for your schedule.

  • Regular nutrition tracking - you have to track your nutrition regularly.

  • The minimum training requirement of 3 sessions per week must be met and tracked

  • Weight and Measurements Must be tracked weekly